Myths Built on Online Degrees

Through online education, many people, both young and adult, can achieve their dreams of getting a degree without needing to attend college classes on daily basis. This thing also allows them to have a job to financially support their daily living while programming their study hours at their own pace.

But as with any other thing that comes as a novelty that changes an already set system, online degrees have given birth to all sorts of myths that we will try to present underneath:

1. The quality of online courses is lower than that of land based classes.

This fact may have been true in the past, but since these courses have increased in popularity with many people applying for them, educational institutions have done their best to come up with qualitative online degree programs. Apart from this, all the accredited institutions can lose their status if they do not come with programs of education that have adhered to quality standards. The curriculum of many of these online courses is the same with that of offline classes. But when you choose the online course for you make sure that is comes with reputable educational institutions, not the ones that offer little in term of academic value and substandard teaching materials.

2. It is said that online degrees are not recognized by employers as being the real thing.

Once your online degree is obtained through a reputable and accredited educational institution, then there is no reason for which your degree is not accepted. Employers are more aware nowadays of the effort that an online student is ready to undertake in having both a job and needing to attend the online courses. This proves to them of how dedicated and focused the employee can be when setting goals to achieve, this making them be very reliable and loyal employees for the specific job or for even reaching higher in the career.

3. Through online courses you do not get too much help from the outside.

It is true that through online education there is mostly up to you and your own power to keep on going and do the assignments. But this doesn’t mean that you can not ask for assistance from your instructors. There are so many ways to approach your professors, via e-mail, telephone, all these being within your reach while studying online.

4. It is said that through online courses you have to study less as they are easier than the classroom degrees.

This is not at all true, since the curriculum is the same, and besides you have to do the study on your own without any physical guidance from your professors whom, in the real life, they can be way easier to approach.

5. For online degrees one can study whenever is convenient for them.

This holds true for most of the cases, except for the situations when you need to log in at a certain hour for any live lecture that is broadcast online and you need to listen to. Apart from this, there are some deadlines you need to submit your assignments, so your program of study will have to depend on them.